For the last few months, the Sports and Culture musical (working title) was in progress, with actors, directors, painters, and the musician working around the clock. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, the physical production of the musical has been put on hold. The team has decided to release the script and music ahead of time, but with the hopes that some day the musical will take on a physical form.
The premise of the musical was to investigate the relationship between boredom, isolation, and artistic impotence. As the protagonist of the musical is a painter, the physical production required paintings. These were created by Olivia Chasteney, an artist splitting her time between Portland, Oregon and Bellingham, Washington. Olivia has created one painting for each song in the production, which can be viewed as one listens to the music between scenes.
The lead actress in the production was Nathalie Gonashvili. Her lines are in normal text. The dancer in the production was Alva Raquel. The production was directed by Veronika Risnovska. The music was composed by Julian Thielman, and the script was predominantly written by Julian Thielman with assistance from all the artists listed above. He was also the second actor, and his lines are in italics.