The work is an effect of reflections on human nature. It opposes humanism, which dominates is art, science and culture. The work questions human authority over other species. For animals, a man is a source of enormous evil and enormous suffering. Man modifies DNA of animals, because it considers it imperfect. It considers the DNA imperfect, because it does not suit man's need well enough.
It might turn out that in the digital age in which we currently live we are useless, because we don't process data fast enough. Dataists, the followers of the new religion see a man in a utilitarian way. They ignore emotional experiences because the only thinking that matters is the information that can be extracted from such experience.
Neither humanism nor dataism is sufficiently focused on other species. Neither grants them adequate laws. Both take their freedom away. The humanists exploit animals in order to eat them and torture them looking for the immortality pill. Dataists would like the animals to be the part of the system which, even if not being painful, would take their freedom away.
Animals do not belong to us. Individual freedom of an individual - a man - is not the highest value. Perhaps, soon a new species will emerge - it will be a perfect algorithm. It should have improved systems for analyzing ethical dilemmas, because ours, human, has failed.It's a collage which depicts human body with two spines. Additional spine is the metaphor of missing human morality.